Monday, February 28, 2011

A new blanket project

For a long time I was admiring all those pretty Ripple Blankets out there in Blogland and on Ravelry.

Finally I´ve started one too, following  Lucys of Attic24s pattern of Neat Ripple Pattern. Andrea also made a very nice one.

I´m using acrylic mix yarn from stash and some cheap one I´ve bought at a local store. Most yarns are worsted or aran weight and I use a 5mm hook for the ripple pattern. I´ve started with a 227 sts long chain which turned out much longer than expected (no, I didn´t swatch first). So maybe this will be the long side and I crochet the wide now. We will see.

There is no deadline for this blanket. I´m doing it just for fun and when I´m in the mood for a bit of mindless happy colourful crochet :)

Have a nice and happy Monday!


  1. Yay for bright and cheerful non-deadline crocheting!!! My very favorite kind. Looking great so far! :)

  2. That is lovely!!! I hope you enjoy doing it...I find it very rhythmic once you get going. Can't wait to see it finished x

    PS Follow this link for a gorgeous ripple....


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