Saturday, February 19, 2011

A (stylish) home for my sock needles

Finally a needle roll ONLY for my DPN. I prefer to knit with DPN whenever possible  and therefor have quite some. Now they have a pretty and safe place to rest and wait until they will get back to work.

Fabric is the same as from the black/natural coloured bag and from IKEA. It is not perfect for the needle roll as it is a bit to stiff. As batting I´ve used leftover fleece from the patchwork blanket. Not perfect either but it worked (somehow).

The closure I´ve tried to copy from Mary-Catherine it just didn´t work properly. Maybe next time I´ll get it right.

The size is fine and all found a place. So only a needle roll for the circulars and one for the hooks are missing.

And a little pouch for notions or just because I had some leftover fabric in the right size for the zipper I had left. One can never have enough pouches, don´t you think so?


  1. Das ist ja unglaublich, was du in kürzester Zeit alles hervorzauberst! Schon wieder so ein hübsches Stück!

  2. tolle idee. ich will eins in kitschrosa!! mit verzierungen bitte. ich find es einen wahnsinn wie schnell du das alles schaffst. hut ab!!

  3. I like your needle rolls very much. I'm very interested to see what your creative mind comes up with for circulars. :)


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