Saturday, February 12, 2011


and still learning how to sew things.

While browsing the net I found this page and  the tutorial to make this bag. I don´t have such pretty fabric at home, but I wanted to try it out. So I´ve searched for some fabric that is large and dense enough and cut out after my own measuments ( ..I didn´t measure at all, I´ve laid out the fabric and started cutting with the rottary cutter.)

Because I didn´t get it right the first time, I had to rip the seams open and sew all a second time but than I finally understood when to turn the bag and WHERE to sew. Sometimes I need a bit until I totally understand a pattern ;) first sling bag!

tutorial for this bag

Theoretically it is totally reversable but I´ve made the pockets only on the white side (which is the lining for me).
So the intention is to use the bag with the yellow flower side outside and the white inside.

Next time I make the sling a bit more narrow because it is a tiny bit to wide for me. But for the first time it is fine and I´m sure it will get a lot of use in summer.

Because I always wanted a roll for my knitting needles to carry them around safe I searched for some inspiration to sew a needle roll case. I´ve found some, but nothing really exactly how I wanted mine to be. On google I´ve searched for "needle case, knitting needle organizer, sewing pattern". 

I want a roll to but the most used needles and some notions I might need into, so when I go on vacation or drive somewhere I have the essentials with me. The most needles are still in the rolls and storage systems I have for them, but I like to be prepared if going away.

So after Felix was in bed I´ve started to cut and sew and came up with my own needle home for "away-from-home".

all fabrics are leftovers or little scraps I had at home

stitch markers are on a safety pin and the little sissors have a place one their own

all rolled up and ready to go

I´ve started with measuring out the hight I would need by laying a long knitting needle on the fabric. Then I´ve cutted 2 pieces of the large fabric. The hight of the pockets I measured the same way, just by laying out the needles and using the fabric double to get a bit more strenght. The ribbons and trims are just because I like them. The back ribbon that holds the roll together is double the wide of the roll plus about 20 cm (that is the lengh the ribbon had, so I could use it up). It is a good lenght because I can wind it 2 times around the packed roll.
Adding the batting was a bit tricky as I did it the first time but it worked somehow and now I have my very own needle roll.


  1. The things you have made are lovely! I too am learning to sew and am going to start of with a crochet hook roll I found online before I start on a quilt. I just need to get confident with using my sewing machine, which at the moment I find a little scary! You have done really well! xx

  2. Love the needle roll! I'm always ripping things out, I think its just part of sewing.

  3. Die Tasche gefällt mir richtig gut. Der Stoff erinnert mich an einen Vorhang, den ich mir in meiner Jugendzeit für mein Zimmer ausgesucht hatte! Und das Nadeletui hast du auch sehr professionell genäht. Sieht hübsch aus mit den verschiedenen Stoffen und ist sicher sehr praktisch.


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