Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little red in the city

I love cute books about crafting. And I love clever knitting books which are able to teach something and not only have pretty pics of yarn in it. Yesterday arrived a new favourite!

Little red in the city by Ysolda Teague

Little Red in the City

Ysoldas pattern are always very clear and detailed and everything is explained so well that really everyone can learn something from her.

 When I´ve seen that she was going to publish a book about how to knit the perfect sweater/cardigan with detailed information about yarn choice, sizing etc. I HAD to pre-order it. Maybe not all the cardigan in the book are totally my style but they are all masterpieces in their construction and for me it is just a joy to read the patterns and learn how she made this and that. Also I think that her idea of showing each sweater on a supersize model and herself is really brilliant and brave. It is such a clever way to show that it is all about the little details like short rows, darts and other little tricks that make the big difference between a sweater that fits and a sloppy unloved thing noone loves to wear.

 Amanda Jarvis is a great model and looks really cute in knitwear. I love Angostura, Cria and Chikadee on her very much and think that the Lauriel cardigan looks better on her because it´s a bit longer than Ysoldas.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wie im Himmel/ As it is in Heaven

One of my favourite films these days.

       Så som i himmelen Poster 

I get goose pimples on my beautiful! The whole film is so intense. A real gem.

Sorry, but I have issus with Blogger again and I´m not able to write a comment (on my own blog!).

You are so right Leila. Just when everything seemed to be good now. But finally he reached the goal of his life and died happy. But the poor Lena has really bad luck with her boyfriends.
The only other film when the dying of the main charater was soooo unfair (in my opinion) is in "City of Angels" when Meg Ryan gets killed when driving home by bike .... OMG

These days of summer

The last days have been "real" summer days here. Sunny and hot.

And these are the last weeks of school here. The kids have lot of fun in school and in the public swimming pool in the afternoons.

Our 13 year old son spends a week in Great britain with school. It the first time he left home alone for 8 day trip in a foreign country. I think I was more nervous than he :) But I´m happy he has the chance to practice english and to see new and interesting places.

There is not very much knitting happpening here the last days as it is just to warm to knit for me. But yesterday I did a bit of sewing and I plan to sew a beach bag for our summer holiday soon.

Do you also have issus with Blogger? My surface for blogging is different as usual. It is the old one and pictures are not shown on posts (while writing the post) as it was before the new stuff came. I think I didn´t change anything.

I´m off trying to get some housework done before it gets really warm here. I wish you all a nice day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soe Tolloy

My beautiful and very talented cousin. She has her first CD out.

One of my favourites

She is great isn´t she? What do you think?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Colourful food today

Today I was cooking lentil soup after Tessa Kiros cookbook. It looks great BEFORE the passata and water is added don´t you thing so?

Ok it doesn´t look so pretty after it is cooked but it tastes good and is easy to make. And I think there still will be some leftover for tonight or tomorrow.
Hi again. recently I didn´t really blog very much. I often think "oh I could blog this" BUT...I forget to make pictures and when I´m back at the laptop I´ve long forgotten what I wanted to chat about on the blog. maybe I should start to blog over the cell phone ;)

Recently I found out that I´m able to upload picture from my cell phone directly to facebook. Which I think is really cool. But I don´t do this very often. And I know that most people already know about this feature, but for me who uses the phone mostly as a telephone and sometimes SMS this is something cool and new.

Ok back to the crafty stuff. I´ve started some socks again and frogged some others. The striped Noros had so ugly colour combinations and the heel turned out to be pink. I just don´t loved how they started to look and so i frogged them. Also the little stripy socks for Felix. I think I know know that toe up just isn´t my thing. I prefer from cuff to toe and with DPN and althought people keep telling me that it is easier with circulars I stay with my DPN. I don´t think that knitting with DPN is difficult at all, maybe because I´ve learned it this way and am used to it.

I´ve started some new socks...just because I like to have some unfinished socks around ;) I only knit some stitches here and then while the PC is loading (ok while I play SIMS3 and there something is loading).

Pattern : Kai-Mei by Cookie A.
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Holiday Stretch in green
Needles: 2mm Knit Picks harmony DPN

I´ve finished the Astrid scarf this weekend but only have crappy pictures until now.
The knitting was interesting. the bobbles took some time but were easy. the Body of the scarf was a fast and nice knit too. It took me some time because I had other things to do inbetween, but I think this scarf could be done in one weekend. My yarn is a bit heavy so this scarf goes to the gift box. It will be a nice gift next winter I think.

Pattern: Astrid by Joji
Yarn: Drops Garnstudio Nepal (2 skeins light greey/2 skeins jeansblue)
Needles: 5.5mm

I wish you a nice day. Have fun and make something pretty :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

A relaxing rainy weekend

... full of crochet (I´ve made a pair of Pippy slippers for David and one for Felix), playing SIMS 3 on the laptop (while dear husband had his Sunday full of motorsports in tv), and today a nice and relaxing day with the family in the SPA.

We´ve ended the day with some home made pizza and looking forward to a nice and quiet evening infront of the tv or with a book. Live is so great sometimes!

Homemade Pizza

Pizza picture and recipe comes from here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love at first sight

Since the first time I´ve seem this shoes I totally love them. After eying them for weeks on the Swedish Hasbeens homepage  I´ve finally decided it is time to make a first step and I´ve ordered them online. I don´t often buy soes online and now I´m totally exited. When will they come? Will they be as beautiful in natural as on the PC? Will they fit as I imagined it? I´m so looking forward wearing them.

How about you? Do you have special shoes (or stuff in general) that you loved at first sight? Anyone addicted to Swedish Hasbeens?

Some crafty stuff

Lovely Joji asked me to testknit her new scarf/shawl design. And I sure will! I´ve started with Drops Nepal from stash. My plan is to make a greyish white booble border and the body in blue Nepal (also in stash).

having  fun knitting some bobbles....

Inbetween I work on  the crochet blanket. Still only using yarn from stash! I think it will be a nice one once finished.

rippleing along while watching tv in the evening.... 

Currently my Soay cardigan and I are in a different period in our relationship. I´ve started the first sleeve and don´t really like knitting it. I think the construction is very clever and I understand what I should do, I just don´t like the "doing". Hmmm. And as noone else will knit this sleeves I´ve put it aside a bit. Maybe in some weeks I like it again.

short row shaped sleeves

A nice week to you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sunday afternoon walk/Ein Sonntagnachmittagsspaziergang

small ways like from a fairytale/ märchenhafte Wege

colourful flowers/  bunte Blumenwiesen

clear green water/ sauberes glasklares Wasser

can you see the baby ducks/ eine Entenfamilie im Tümpel versteckt

beautiful and quiet/ wunderschön und ruhig

nosy swans/ neugierige Schwäne

ducks/ Enten

typical cows from Tyrol/ tiroler Grauvieh

wild roses/ Buschrosen am Wegesrand

And all this beauty only a 15min car drive from our home. I hope you too had a wonderful Sunday.
Take care and enjoy life :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

First harvests

From the raised bed we´ve started this spring we have our first harvests now. The salad is growing like mad!
The herbs are also growing strong and in some days the first kohlrabi be ready too.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cute stuff for little ones

A little stylish inspiration for mamas of little kids. It might not be my price class but the have nice styles and nice ideas.

Smallabel have a nice ebook too.

Growing older and growing up ...

Some of you might have noticed that I´ve changed my blog layout. I just didn´t like the cute owls anymore. Somehow I don´t like my blog very much these days. It is getting boring. I´m really considering either starting to write in german or just quit posting at all. Sometimes I have, in my opinion, nice ideas about stuff I could post but than it is getting to complicatat to translate it in english or just to find the right words. So I don´t post at all.

So these days I´m wondering if anything that comes in my mind is interesting enough at all to be postworthy? I think I write better in german than in english as I don´t have to search for words this much and it is easier to describe ones feelings and thoughts in ones motherlanguage isn´t it?

What do you think?

Let´s take the challenge

Look here

As ALWAYS Pip is really inspiring and (I think you might know by now) I love her blog. My dear daughter and I take the challenge and try to stay vegetarien for the month ot June.

And while thinking a bit about the vegetarian cause and my place in it I jumped over to WIKIPEDIA and found some interesting information about Vegetarianism.

I think I´m this:

Semi-vegetarian diets consist largely of vegetarian foods, but may include fish or poultry, or other meats on an infrequent basis. Those with diets containing fish or poultry may define "meat" only as mammalian flesh and may identify with vegetarianism.[6][7][8] A pescetarian diet, for example, includes "fish but no meat".[9] The common use association between such diets and vegetarianism has led vegetarian groups such as the Vegetarian Society to state diets containing these ingredients are not vegetarian, due to fish and birds being animals.[10]


I like eating meal, exspecially Wiener Schnitzel, Schweinsbraten and delicious meals like these, but I also like animals and don´t think they should die because I want some special food. BUT I think it doesn´t hurt if I eat eggs, cheese, yoghurt and other products from animals. Also I can live with the thought of eating chicken or fish now and then.

So I´m trying to stop eating mammalian flesh only although this doesn´t make me a vegetarien. You can call me weak but for how I grew up this is a LARGE step beleave me.

What do you think? Are you vegetarien already or a meat eater? Are you thinking about the animal eating thing or doesn´t it interest you at all? Are you going to try to eat less meat?