Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little red in the city

I love cute books about crafting. And I love clever knitting books which are able to teach something and not only have pretty pics of yarn in it. Yesterday arrived a new favourite!

Little red in the city by Ysolda Teague

Little Red in the City

Ysoldas pattern are always very clear and detailed and everything is explained so well that really everyone can learn something from her.

 When I´ve seen that she was going to publish a book about how to knit the perfect sweater/cardigan with detailed information about yarn choice, sizing etc. I HAD to pre-order it. Maybe not all the cardigan in the book are totally my style but they are all masterpieces in their construction and for me it is just a joy to read the patterns and learn how she made this and that. Also I think that her idea of showing each sweater on a supersize model and herself is really brilliant and brave. It is such a clever way to show that it is all about the little details like short rows, darts and other little tricks that make the big difference between a sweater that fits and a sloppy unloved thing noone loves to wear.

 Amanda Jarvis is a great model and looks really cute in knitwear. I love Angostura, Cria and Chikadee on her very much and think that the Lauriel cardigan looks better on her because it´s a bit longer than Ysoldas.


  1. It's a wonderful knitting book review, Evelyn. Thank you so much!

  2. Hallo Evelyn!
    Vielen lieben Dank für die Glückwünsche!
    Das Buch hab ich auch schon auf meiner Amazon-Liste :) Bin schon gespannt was du daraus strickst!
    Viele liebe Grüße, Nadja

  3. It's a beautiful looking book, I hope you love the patterns!


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