Thursday, July 7, 2011

Currently on the needles.... first Inspira Cowl. I call it my first one, because i think these cowls look really nice and are a great way to play with colours and to learn stranded knitting. I´m absolutly NOT good in it but I´d like to improve it a bit.

I´ve learned the "Baltic Braid" with this cowl. It turned out ok I think. next time I´ll make it better :) It is not so hard to learn as it looks at the first sight.

So from time to time I´m knitting some stitches here and so it will be finish when the cold time comes again. I´m sure it will. Someday.

The pattern is really great and an amazing ebook with wonderful artwork from the generous and very talented "Celery Stalks".

Pattern: Inspira Cowl by Celery Ravelry download

The other "new" project is a cardigan (or vest) again. It is the Cassis vest by thea Colman. I´m knitting it with aran weight colourmart yarn from my stash so I had to do a lot of maths because my gauge is totally of.
So I´m knitting with "my" numbers now and hope to have (one day) a finished garment that fits. I´m still not sure if I want short or long sleeves but it is still time as I´m somewhere on the body now. And this is a long cardigan. So no need to hurry.

But most of my spare time I´m not knitting or crochet these days. I´m reading myself through Hakan Nessers books. At the moment I´m reading the Van Veeteren series. And I´m waiting for the 3rd season of True Blood come out on DVD (in german). So inbetween to refresh it a bit, I´m watching season 2 again. For me True Blood is one of the best series. But don´t watch it if you are under 18 please. Or if you are a bit sensitive.


  1. What a neat cowl pattern, it really looks like a perfect pattern to play with colour.

  2. Liebe Evelyn!
    Der Inspira Cowl sieht schon echt toll aus....ich glaube den muss ich auch mal stricken!
    Freue mich schon auf Fotos, wenn er fertig ist!
    Liebe Grüße, Nadja


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