Monday, August 29, 2011

EZ Sweater

pattern: Seamless Hybrid sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann (Knitting Without Tears)
yarn: Drops Garnstudio Nepal, colour 7238
needles: 4.5mm for body and arms, 4mm for ribbing

new sweater and new haircut

The sweater was knitted in only one week but it took me another 3 weeks to take it in my hands again to sew in the loose ends, kitchener stitch under the arms and knit the collar. This sweater was easy to knit and because of the heavy yarn and small size quite fast too. It was the first time I´ve knitted a larger (than baby) sweater after the percentage system and it worked out as I wanted it. I has to read the instructions for the seamless hybrid part several times until I finally understood it. But after that the "DOING" part was nice and easy.

shoulders are fitting nicely

David likes his new sweater and because it is a bit on the large side I think it will fit him this whole winter.

If I should knit this sweater style agaion I would maybe make the arms a bit shorter, but with growing boys longer arms are not a bad idea I think.

I love how the back part turned out

Autumn is near

our first ever pumpkins! is already in soup-form ....delicious

We are back from our summer holidays in Danmark since one week and it took nearly the whole week toget everything done and going again. There was a lot of laundry to do (and the washing machine which decided to float over), clearning, gardening, baking cake and having a great 3rd Birthday party for the little one and now slowly getting ready for school again.

last week the kids had an appointment with the dentist and this week with the hairdresser. And beleave me, it doesn´t really get much easier just because they are teenagers!

But I´ve also got some crafting done inbetween. The blueish ripple blanket is finially finished and Davids EZ style sweater. There where mostly loose ends to sew in and the collar to knit at the sweater. It always takes me so long to finally finish something. the main parts are mostly done quickly but the rest may take forever.

Blue Ripple Blanket - only stash yarn used

Davids sweater gets an extra post after the photo shooting of the recently finished objects.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Holiday knitting

With the super soft yarn I´ve bought here in Danmark I´ve started to knit an endless scarf. Soft and yellow with 100s of cables .....

And finally I´ve finished the Baktus with the Shi Bui sock yarn in Bilberry. I love the colour and the Baktus/lacy baktus pattern is just great. It makes nice and easy scarfes and is suitable for every yarn.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Holidays in Danmark/part 1

For the 3rd time we are spending our summer holidays in Denmark. This time in south Jutland. We love the Nordern Sea, the beach here, the relaxed lifestyle and the cute summer houses. The one we are renting this time is very nice and only 50m from the sea. PERFECT in every way.

Monday, August 1, 2011

What´s going on?

...a friend asked me this some days ago. Not much I answered. But okay there are always some things going on don´t you think so? Although it should be the hottest time of the year it is not really warm here. The nights get really chilly and last Friday I had to lit a fire in the oven to make it nice and warm in the kitchen.

But today it is sunny again. And quite warm. I think it is the same with most families but here is a lot of coming and going. Someone is always going for a trip or a short (or longer) holiday. Family and friends step by for visits (because if the summer holidays), kids sleep at friends houses or other kids are here for sleepovers, there are barbeques and cake and mushroom searching in the woods, swimming and picknicking,... all that wonderful normal summer stuff.

Also some crafting is going on. But slowly as there is no real need for woolen things right now.

For david I´ve started to knit a sweater from the DROPS Nepal I´ve bought earlier this year. Originally I wanted to knit myself a cardigan but after knitting 2 balls of yarn I was sure I would not wear this colour outside the house very often. It´s a very pretty and vivid green. I wasn´t able to capture the colour on the pic below. It is much greener! So I´ve started  a Seamless Hybrid after Elizabeth Zimmermann. I always wanted to try this sweater pattern out and now it the perfect time. No need to hurry, just knitting for pleasure and fun. And as the sweater is for a 11 year old it is coming along faster as I´ve thought.

Pattern: Seamless Hybrid by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Drops Garnstudio Nepal
Needles: 4.5mm

Stephen West (westknits) started his first shawl KAL on August 1st 2011 and I had to participate. A little shawl knitting never hurts. And Mystery KALs are fun I think.
I´ve finally decided for the yarn and colours I´ll use and knitted the first clue. I don´t post pics of the knitted piece here until the KAL is over I think.

I use only yarn from my stash. Some Wollmeise twin I´ve bought last year and as the anchor some green Araucania ranco solid.

A nice week to to you a enjoy your summer :)