Monday, September 26, 2011

The hat knitting goes on....

and recently I´ve knitted a bit fair isle knitting. And this is really funny but very hard for me. I´m really not good in knitting with more than one strands of yarn and my yarns always get tangeled. But I like the look of that colourful knitted projects and from time to time I give it a try.

Lovely Hearts

Teresa wanted me to knit her this hat. It was easy to make and a fast knit. I like the result and so does she - and thats the most important. The pattern is a free pattern and in case you don´t know the site from Anna and Heidi Pickles jet you really should check it out. They have some really nice yarn and pattern.

Pattern: From Norway with Love - hat by Anna and Heidi Pickles free pattern
Yarn: Rowan Felted tweed dk, Rowanspun dk, Drops Karisma, 100purewool worsted singles
Needles: 3.75mm for the brim and 4.5mm for the rest

Peerie Flooers
This one was a little more complicated. The knitting was not really hard, but there were 7 colours and a lot of tangeld yarns for me and TONS of loose ends to sew in (because of tangeld yarns).

 Than it turned out too large and I shrank it in the dryer and I was soooo lucky that it worked out!  I love how the hat turned out and plan to use it a lot this winter. It is very soft and light and warm. And the little flowers are really cute.

The pattern was gifted to me by a dear friend from ravelry who knitted a very pretty version of this hat too. Thank you Anne.

Yarn: several different light fingering and fingering weight wools
Needles: 3mm

It was really nice and interesting knitting these both hats but for now I´m back to "normal" and knitting only with one colour at a time.
For this little trips out of my usual confort zone hats are perfect projects as they are easy to knit and not too large. One day I´d like to knit fair isle mittens. But not now :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the new kids in the house

Come in and meet our new family members Orio (blue) and Lola (yellow-green).
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Budgies - yes or not?

Today after seeing  through the mail and advertisments a special one about a discount on bird cages cought my eye. It reminded me about the budgies we had at home when I was a child. We always had only one at a time (together with a plastic budgie dummie).  These were nice, pretty and colourful guys.


Today I´ve googled a bit and learned that budgies need a partner and should be kept at least in pairs. And their cages should be quite large. I´ve really done some internet searching and understand that now.

Okay this means I can´t use the cage I already have - the vintage one. And I would need  bit larger space for this little fellows.

What do you think will the cats and dog think about budgies?

But they are so pretty and funny and colourful and simple lovely :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Little thing

I´ve started the "hat knitting season" with this little cute hat for Felix. Its a free pattern and I could use up some of my Wollmeise.
The pattern is for a small adult so I had to adjust the size a bit. I´ve knitted the brim only 15sts wide and after the brim I picked up 100 sts only.

Pattern: Little Things by Veera
Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 twin (Versuchskaninchen, looks like Neptun)
Needles: 2.75mm DPN for brim and 3,25mm for the rest

It´s not really warm but a nice inbetween seasons hat for chilly mornings and evenings. I didn´t weight the hat, but it used only very little yarn. I´ve still some Wollmeise from this skein leftover.

The colour is really lovely and so brilliant but I just don´t like to knit with the yarn. Only like it because of the great colours and because it is not itchy and superwash.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Warm feet again

Two posts ago I´ve written that fall is it arrived! They boys started with school again this week (Teresa´s school will start next week), the nights are getting colder, the grass is wet in the morning, and one needs to wear more knitted things again. Yeah!

Beside beeing busy with the school start and organising hunderts of things for the kids and generally getting back to normal business I´ve started some autumn knitting.

Only easy things these days as I need my mind focused on other stuff.

Hiking socks for Philipp for his size 43/44 feet (modelled by his sister)
Yarn: sockyarn from stash (Drops Fabel/Lanagrosse meilenweit) used doubled throughout
Needle: 3.5mm DPN
CO: 48 sts/basic sock pattern

And for Teresa some bed/couch slippers crochet with some leftover worsted weight yarn from stash.
Fast, easy and cute. The white crochet border is to make the fit better. I used a 4.5mm hook and followed (more or less) this pattern: Mary Jane Slippers

Some shawls are on still on the needles but I´m not really in shawl-finishing mood these days. One crochet blanket (the large granny square) will soon be ready to use and show you and another ripple blanket is planned.

I hope you are all having a great time and looking forward to coming crafting times again.