Thursday, September 8, 2011

Warm feet again

Two posts ago I´ve written that fall is it arrived! They boys started with school again this week (Teresa´s school will start next week), the nights are getting colder, the grass is wet in the morning, and one needs to wear more knitted things again. Yeah!

Beside beeing busy with the school start and organising hunderts of things for the kids and generally getting back to normal business I´ve started some autumn knitting.

Only easy things these days as I need my mind focused on other stuff.

Hiking socks for Philipp for his size 43/44 feet (modelled by his sister)
Yarn: sockyarn from stash (Drops Fabel/Lanagrosse meilenweit) used doubled throughout
Needle: 3.5mm DPN
CO: 48 sts/basic sock pattern

And for Teresa some bed/couch slippers crochet with some leftover worsted weight yarn from stash.
Fast, easy and cute. The white crochet border is to make the fit better. I used a 4.5mm hook and followed (more or less) this pattern: Mary Jane Slippers

Some shawls are on still on the needles but I´m not really in shawl-finishing mood these days. One crochet blanket (the large granny square) will soon be ready to use and show you and another ripple blanket is planned.

I hope you are all having a great time and looking forward to coming crafting times again.

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