Monday, April 19, 2010

Little bird and "little" dog

Lucky had a haircut and is now wearing his "spring style". Although on this pic he doesn´t look too happy, he likes his short hair better and looks like a little puppy now.

Not the prettiest bird but a special one :) Crochet with small leftovers. I like it and it was fast and fun to make.
Hook: 4mm
Yarn: dk leftovers

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Silk Kerchief

Since a long time I´ve wanted to knit this shawl and although I should do a lot of other things, I´ve started it now. When I find some minutes to sit down and knit I sooth my mind with knitting some stitches and looking at the beautiful colours of the Noro Silk garden yarn. By the way, it is both yarn from stash.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pillow and Bactus

The giant granny square crochet pillow out of Malabrigo Merino worsted leftovers is finished!
It is super colourful and soft. Philipp loves it.

From my christmas yarn I´ve knitted this Lacy Bactus. It was a nice and easy tv- and car-knitting project and Teresa loves it. The yarn is nice and soft and washable.
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Soja (dark blue)
Needles: 4mm

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crochet + Noro = pure pleasure

I still have the strange urge to crochet and with the amazing and crazy colours and colourchanges in Noro yarns it is really a pleasure and fun. I always was a bit afraid of crocheting and that I wouldn´t understand the pattern. Now as I tried it out I am surprised and happy. It is much easier than I thought and once I understood the crochet charts it became nice and easy.

This flower is called "Etole Japonaise" in french and is originally from a japanese crochet book. I found it on a french blog and tried it out today. It is cute and easy to make. Maybe one day I´ll crochet more of them.

And now my largest and most difficult crochet project until now....tatataaaaa

Yarn: different leftovers from Noro Silk Garden Sock and Noro Kureyon Sock

Hook: 3mm

I´ve fallen in love with this bag the first time I´ve seen it on ravelry but was afraid of trying it out. But what would I have to loose? So I bought the pattern, searched my stash for the little leftover Noro balls and started to crochet....and crochet...and crochet....until this cute little crazy colourful bag was finished. I love it, but unfortunatly so does my dearest girl ;)