Monday, August 29, 2011

EZ Sweater

pattern: Seamless Hybrid sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann (Knitting Without Tears)
yarn: Drops Garnstudio Nepal, colour 7238
needles: 4.5mm for body and arms, 4mm for ribbing

new sweater and new haircut

The sweater was knitted in only one week but it took me another 3 weeks to take it in my hands again to sew in the loose ends, kitchener stitch under the arms and knit the collar. This sweater was easy to knit and because of the heavy yarn and small size quite fast too. It was the first time I´ve knitted a larger (than baby) sweater after the percentage system and it worked out as I wanted it. I has to read the instructions for the seamless hybrid part several times until I finally understood it. But after that the "DOING" part was nice and easy.

shoulders are fitting nicely

David likes his new sweater and because it is a bit on the large side I think it will fit him this whole winter.

If I should knit this sweater style agaion I would maybe make the arms a bit shorter, but with growing boys longer arms are not a bad idea I think.

I love how the back part turned out


  1. Looks like a great cozy sweater for your boy. The green is such a wonderful colour.

  2. Der Pulli steht deinem Sohn supergut! Ich glaube, ich muss auch wieder einmal bei EZ vorbeischauen!

  3. i like the new haircut a lot better, than before :)


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