Monday, August 29, 2011

Autumn is near

our first ever pumpkins! is already in soup-form ....delicious

We are back from our summer holidays in Danmark since one week and it took nearly the whole week toget everything done and going again. There was a lot of laundry to do (and the washing machine which decided to float over), clearning, gardening, baking cake and having a great 3rd Birthday party for the little one and now slowly getting ready for school again.

last week the kids had an appointment with the dentist and this week with the hairdresser. And beleave me, it doesn´t really get much easier just because they are teenagers!

But I´ve also got some crafting done inbetween. The blueish ripple blanket is finially finished and Davids EZ style sweater. There where mostly loose ends to sew in and the collar to knit at the sweater. It always takes me so long to finally finish something. the main parts are mostly done quickly but the rest may take forever.

Blue Ripple Blanket - only stash yarn used

Davids sweater gets an extra post after the photo shooting of the recently finished objects.

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