Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Budgies - yes or not?

Today after seeing  through the mail and advertisments a special one about a discount on bird cages cought my eye. It reminded me about the budgies we had at home when I was a child. We always had only one at a time (together with a plastic budgie dummie).  These were nice, pretty and colourful guys.


Today I´ve googled a bit and learned that budgies need a partner and should be kept at least in pairs. And their cages should be quite large. I´ve really done some internet searching and understand that now.

Okay this means I can´t use the cage I already have - the vintage one. And I would need  bit larger space for this little fellows.

What do you think will the cats and dog think about budgies?

But they are so pretty and funny and colourful and simple lovely :)


  1. I love budgies, when I was little we had two. They are such friendly little birds.

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