Thursday, February 17, 2011

Endless possibilities

It started with this neck roll. I needed a cover for it but was to lazy to sew a properly one. So I´ve cut some linen fabric and wound it around the pillow 2 times. At the ends I´ve closed the roll with some trims from the stash. All in natural white, very clean and fresh looking.

Clear and fresh but maybe a bit boring to make more of it. Suddenly the wooden antic stamps I´ve once got from my aunt came in mind. I´ve taken them from the book shelve and added some red acrylic fabric paint.

On a spare piece of fabric I´ve tried it out...and it turned out quite ok. Not perfect. No. The paint is too thick and the print didn´t turn out so clean as I wanted it. But it is a start.

Later I´m going to fix the paint with ironing and am going to wash it to test out it´s durability. Together with some cute bands I´ve bought on ebay lately I see a lot of cute and interesting projects in the near future.

each roll has 3m "East of India" trim on it

If someone has helpful tips for stamping and what paint or ink to use I´m glad to hear them :)

I wish you a all a wonderful, creative and inspiring day.


  1. Those antique stamps are really interesting.

  2. I'm sorry I don't have any tips on fabric stamping, but I will be happy to hear how yours turns out! I like the idea!


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