Monday, February 7, 2011

A sunny weekend full of sewing

This weekend was wonderful warm and sunny and we got a taste of spring here.
We enjoyed the warm hours in the afternoon outside and found the first flowers of the year.

The late afternoons and evenings when the kids were playing or sleeping I´ve started to sew a little. I had the idea of a special bag in mind and until I couldn´t try it out, there was no peace for me ....

A "bag-set" for me. The large one is lined with the same fabric the little pouches are made of. One is for coins and one for make-up and small stuff to prevent from getting lost in the large bag.      

She loves that owl print and the bag is fully reversable, so she can use it depending on her mood.


  1. Snow drops! They are my favorite spring bulbs. All your bags look great :)

  2. Wonderful that you have some charming flowers blooming! Everything for miles around here is still under so much snow, it's nice to see that there are places starting to warm up. It brings me hope! :)


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