Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy patchwork .....

or how to sew a first blanket in one afternoon.

Yesterday I had a really crazy patchwork afternoon. Some time ago I´ve bought some fabric pieces on ebay and 2 days ago the finally arrived. You remember I want to try out all that patchwork quilting stuff? So I´ve washed and dryed the fabric pieces, ironed and measured them. I´ve decided to cut them 22 x 22 cm. On my sewing machine I´ve measured 1 cm and made a line with the pencil, so that my seams would (should) be all 1 cm and the final squares 20 cm each.

the pieces layed out flat on the floor as a plan for the finished blanket  

The plan was fine and I´ve started sewing 5 pieces long stripes....than sewed the stripes together (forgot to print out the above pic and was too much in my sewing fewer to look at the laptop)....

that´s how it lookes when all pieces were joined :)

Unfortunatly I had not batting. Driving to the next town was no option and waiting some days was nothing I´d like to. I wanted to make it NOW. So I´ve decided to sew a patchwork blanket instead of a quilted blanket. I had one of the cheap and thin IKEA fleece blankets here and layed the patchwork on it and the size was fine.

patchwork layed out on the fleece blanket

with small needles I´ve pinned them together

and sewed along the seams to join the two layers

I´ve cut the fleece blanke  about 4 cm from the edge and pinned it down to get a 2 cm border

Looks nice and clean

tata....the finished blanket!

It might not be the best sewed or perfect seamed patchwork blanket around but I´m so proud I´ve made it all by myself :)

A wonderful Friday to you and don´t let your creativity limit by your skills!!!


  1. It looks great, I love the idea of using a fleece blanket for the back

  2. Das liest sich wie ein Krimi! Herzliche Gratulation zu dieser so hübschen Decke!

  3. It looks great, I can see why you are so proud of it, I would be too!

  4. Using the fleece blanket as a backing is such a smart idea!

  5. looks wonderful, but be careful i saw some pink squares!!!
    seriously, very very good work!!!

  6. It looks wonderful. I should think the fleece blanket makes it so cosy and easy to finish. I'm impressed that it took you one afternoon. Sounds a good project to me!

  7. Thank you for the kind comments. I really enjoyed any moment of making it.

  8. Quite ingenious to use a fleece blanket instead of batting and backing fabric! I just may have to "steal" this idea! Wonderful!!

  9. Love your blanket Evelyn

  10. Hi Evelyn! Thanks for visiting Apples and Pears. I LOVE this idea of a patchwork blanket. Although I love the quilts they are not always pracitical. I have a new niece or nephew waiting to arrive in South Africa and a quilt would be just too hot...but this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!!


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