Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A new week

and some new ideas and projects were wandering around in my mind lately. I´d love to learn how to sew a Quilt. I´ve always loved all those pretty pictures of hand made, colourful, bright, prescious Quilts. Online I´ve bought two books and in the evenings I´m now studying them.

I knew myself well and know that hand sewing a quilt is nothing for me. I´m not patient enough, don´t have so much discipline and uhhhh ohhh so many little stitches by hand!!! So machine quilting it will be for me. I found out that one should have a  special foot for the machine which I don´t have (obvious) but we will see.

I would prefer to use cotton batting, but couldn´t find any in the fabric stores I visited last week so I´ve bought a half meter of Acryl batting that the saleswoman recommended for quilting.

So taaaataaaaaaaa.....my first quilted item! A chair pad!

 I´m happy how it turned out. It is very thin and really tight quilted so that the batting doesn´t shift around inside. The quilting worked well (so far) with my regular presser foot, but this is no "free form quilting" just sewing around in circles ;)

And because it was so nice and the machine worked fine today.... A drawstring bag (from the bag book) for David and his sports stuff for school.

And because at the evenings when the little one is sleeping I can´t sew and have to do something with a bit less noise than my sewing machine, I´ve casted on for some simple socks that Felix can wear under his rubber boots. The yarn is Wollmeise twin in Indisch Rot. He chose the yarn and colour when I showed him the box with the sockyarn and asked him which one he wants for his new socks.

A wonderful day to you.


  1. Love the chair pad, I tend to use polyester for pillow fronts and the like. It's so much cheaper than natural batting. Blankets get cotton and wool... just the idea of sleeping under plastic makes me itchy :)

  2. You're very busy! :) I like the chair mat -- congratulations on your first quilted item!


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