Friday, February 25, 2011

The last part my needle organisation

The last one of my needle rolls is finished now. Now I have one for the long needles, one for DPN, one for the hooks and now finally one to put all the circulars in. This one is really fat and has a hairband as closure (for now). It might not be perfect but it has place for all my circulars.

And here all 4 together :)


  1. I have mainly circular needles, so this was the one I've been wanting to see.
    It's fat, as I expected, but I wish I could sew to make one for me!

  2. oooo they are gorgeous...I just had the same idea on Apples and Pears. Having a crochet hook roll has made such a difference to me, with everything to hand. Brilliant! x

  3. Great case! I'm still totally loving the russian fabric. Too cute! You are very organized now and I'm getting inspired to re-vamp my own needle and hook situation! Thanks!


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