Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New stuff to play

While the new fabric that arrived today is drying...

.....and waiting to be admired and folded...

....I´m happy reading my book. I wanted this book for so long and now had the possibility to get it! It also came today and I love it! Elizabeth Zimmermann is my knitting Guru. When someone would ask me which book I love most, I would answer "The knitters Almanac" by Elizabeth Zimmermann. But "The Opinionated Knitter" seems to become a favourite too.

Which is your favourite EZ book?

The new fabric (yes I know it´s quite a bit....but you know...shiping and so...) I´ve ordered in two different online stores and both shops are great. M is for make is UK based but with moderate shipping costs to Austria and the shipping was fast! And Volksfaden which is in Berlin/Germany. Usually I don´t like to order from german shops as the shipping is always high and it often takes about 2 weeks (thats my experiances with different yarn and other online shops from Germany)...BUT Volksfaden is different. The shipping costs are not high and they ship fast! I´ve bought 3 times now from them and always got the fabric within 3-4 days. I totally recommend them, and M is for make is small but fast, friendly and nice too.

I wsih you a nice day, but have to go now....offline reading :)


  1. my favorite EZ book is the opinionated knitter!! I also own the Almanac and knitting without tears, they are all great and I truly love her cute stories behind the knitting...

  2. Ich liebe die Zimmermann Bücher auch sehr! Danke auch für die Shop Tipps.

  3. ich mag diese farbenvielfalt, ich bin ueberzeugt, dass du wieder was wunderschoenes zauberst!!!

  4. Your fabric is wonderful! I think the Almanac is my favorite of the EZ books.


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