Saturday, March 12, 2011

A bit of distraction

I´m so worried about the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan together with the radioactivity, meltdown, nuclear distasters that I nearly get crazy. So I do what I usually do when things get to much...I distract myself with work or recently with sewing.

From the recently bought IKEA fabric I´ve sewed 2 pillowcases for the parents bedroom. I love the little bird in the middle of the pillow. It´s so cute and the fabric very soft and smooth.

Back and front of this bag. Again IKEA fabric (a heavier one this time) with birds on it. The bag looks better in real and is the standard shopping bag with lining and pocket I´m sewing a lot lately.

To continue with the bird theme, a little birdy decoration. I just wanted to try out if I´m able by now to sew curves. I think it works now. Some weeks ago I´ve tried to sew a bird but it didn´t work out. I´m getting better.

And finally 2 little pouches, as one can never have enough pouches in the house. Just in case. I don´t know why the picture is turned side up. What a crazy day.

I wish us all the best especially the people in Japan.

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  1. Ich kann's auch kaum aushalten! So schrecklich!


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