Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last week

 Last week I did some sewing and planning new projects. I´ve made some bags (without photo) which are already sold (yeah!!!).

I´ve sewed bed pillows for each child in his/her prefered fabric. There were so exited when I received the new fabric this week and that I decided they should get something from that colourful stash too.

Owls (Teresa), Skulls (Philipp), Peace sign (David) and Giraffes (Felix)

For my large project were I sew new covers for all the pillows on the (3 different) terrasses in our house I continued and got another 5 pillows done.


63 squares of "ready-to-sew" fabric for the new patchwork blanket for my dear husband.

this is how it should look when sewed together

And because a little wool playing in between is always good....

I contiued a bit on my ripple blanket....if I should get bored I already have a stole

A nice and clean new shawl design from Veera from 100% rain

Pattern: stripe study shawl
Needle: 4mm circular
Yarn: Old Maiden Aunt Alpaca/silk (in bras taps and oak) and ColourMart Cashmere Merino Lace weight (in ecru/used double)

 Stripes and garter .... I HAD to start it!
I had both yarns in stash as I´m going to knit as much from my stash as possible. But I´ve bought both yarns online. Both Old Maiden Aunt and ColourMart are UK based and excellent Online yarn suppliers with perfect customer service.


  1. WOW! You are a whirlwind! I can't belive what you have achieved this week. The pillows are absolutely gorgeous. Have a rest now!!! x

  2. Those pillows are gorgeous. I especially love the Peace one! I'll have to add those to my list of things to try.

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  3. I love the Stipe Study shawl! What a neat design! I like the rich neutrals that you are using for it. I can't wait to see it!

  4. That's a pillow bonanza! The bed pillows look especially comfy.


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