Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A new needle roll and a shawl

I´ve been a bit selfish lately and made things for me only. As I recently discovered how to sew needle rolls to organize my stuff I am on a mission to make some nice ones for me. I wasn´t very satisfied with the DPN roll I´ve made but I think the crochet hook roll turned out perfect. So I´ve tried to copy the crochet hook roll for the DPN. And it worked. The closure is not perfect jet but otherwise it is exactly how it should be. The button-hairband method for closure didn´t work, as the roll is to large and the hairband stretched to much.

And a little pincushion inbetween.

Finally I´ve finished my Stripe Study Shawl.

A nice and clean new shawl design from Veera from 100% rain

Pattern: stripe study shawl
Needle: 4mm circular
Yarn: Old Maiden Aunt Alpaca/silk (in bras taps and oak) and ColourMart Cashmere Merino Lace weight (in ecru/used double)

This was the first time for me that I´ve blocked a shawl with blocking wires and I´m impressed! Oh what a difference. Maybe I´ll get modeled shots of the shawl when the sun comes out again and someone is here to take a pic.

For now that´s all, I wish you a nice day and take care my friends.


  1. I bought some blocking wires last year. I've only used them twice, I think, but they were worth it ;) Love that cute little pincushion. hehe.

  2. thanks so much for leaving a comment about my dinosaur tute. Funny... I'm in the middle of making a crochet roll for my hooks - your roll looks lovely. What lovely makes.

  3. I love the Stripe Study shawl! Even though you picked two colors I would consider neutral, the high contrast between them makes the shawl very bright and cheery! Wonderful! Oh, and thanks for the comment about blocking wires. I'm collecting people's opinions about them as I consider getting my own set. I think I will probably have to get some.


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