Thursday, March 3, 2011

First steps

The plan for sewing a Quilt in a nice size to cover an adult is still alive. Maybe it is just going to become a Patchwork blanket but this doesn´t matter. Both would be nice.

No I don´t just throw the fabric around and clutter the floor....I am planning a quilt!

As the new bought fabric arrived yesterday and is washed and dryed already, I´ve started to search the house for additional fabric and found some!

old shirts from the boy and husband, 2 old skirts from me and one dress from Teresa when she was about 6

buttons are off, now the cutting begins

Because this is really not the most exciting activity, the little one takes a nap :) Oh how sweet he is!

Wish you all a nice day!!!


  1. especially sweet, when they are sleeping!!! :)

  2. Hi Evelyn
    I couldn't find your email address to reply about your t-shirt quilt question.
    For each t-shirt square, I've used a fusible iron-on interfacing on the back so that they become stable and non-stretch to sew together.
    Hope that answers your question!

  3. Oh, good for you for recycling old clothing into quilts. I intended to do that once with some of my husband's old shirts but I put it off for so long that they got used for rags before I ever could get around to making the quilt! I look forward to seeing what you do with yours!

  4. He's so sweet having his nap :)


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