Thursday, March 10, 2011

So far so good

There isn´t much to show and tell these days as all the projects I´m working on are larger ones and nothings is finish ;)

But for those who are interested (and keep asking) what crafty stuff I´m doing inbetween, here are some updates.

The Quilt for my husband is put together so far. Only the binding is missing. Until now I´ve never sewed on a binding (I´ve never sewed a Quilt too), and I have to decide what fabric to take and HOW to make it first :)

In the evenings when watching a bit tv I keep on knitting on my Stripe Study Shawl from time to time.   

At the beginning of the week we made a short trip to IKEA to buy some new fabric for bag making.

So not really exiting news but thats how it is. The quilting is really exciting for me. I´m happy that it is quilted and that only the binding is missing. I´m thinking of adding a binding in yellow/white stripes. For the backing I´ve used lightgreen-white striped fabric from Westfalenstoffe. It is very soft and nice. The batting is cotton batting bought at butinette. It was the online shop I found around here that carries a cotton batting for a reasonable price.

A wish you a nice rest of the week :)


  1. It is like that isn't it....sometimes you have lots finished at a similar time, and other times everything seems to be in progress! The quilt looks fabulous...can't wait to see it finished x

  2. You have been very quick at making your quilt! You have a nice variety of projects going on.

  3. Your quilt is moving along so quickly, it takes me forever to finish anything.


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