Monday, May 30, 2011

Some weekend projects

These days I´m very unfocused and have a lot of things around on the same time without finishing anything. Sometimes ´m like this. On other days I´m organized and finish up stuff, but not at the moment.

This weekend was a quiet one and we were staying at home relaxing and´(more or less) anyone did what he/she wanted to. So for me it was a bit of gardening, a bit of sewing, a bit of crochet and knitting and the other time just hanging around...

The bag I wanted to sew for my sister didn´t turn out how I wanted it. I think it is a bit to small and because both fabric I´ve use are quite thin ones it has not enough body to look nice. Something learned for future projects. 
 This little clutch turned out surprisingly good. It looks super neat and tidy and I´m  a little proud of myself that I managed to sew it this way the first time. It is the "cute-as-a-button-clutch" from the book Meet me at Mikes by Pip Lincolne.

 And because it needs not much attention to crochet on this ripple afghan, I´ve contuinued a bit while watching tv...

...started a new Lacy Baktus because I wanted to try out the ShiBui sockyarn that I´ve ordered from the U.S.......It is lovely sockyarn and it would be a shame to hide it boots. AND I think that the yarn pools too much on socks. The colour is mulberry (deep winered/purple) and I love it.

And finally I´ve picked up my Soay cardigan again and started with the first sleeve. But it needed to much attention so I´ve put it aside again. maybe an other day....


  1. Crochet blankets are just perfect for watching tv! It's so mindless and relaxing! I like the colors you chose, as well as your little clutch!

  2. Sometimes crafting is about finishing and sometimes it's about tiny bits of all sorts of things... at least that's the way it works for me.


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