Friday, May 6, 2011

For the books

I love books. And I have quite some around. Mostly I read more than one book at a time and so I need quite a lot of bookmarks. This way a lot of postcards, recipes, fotos, dry and pressed flowers and lots of other pieces got lost over the years. Sometimes I received magnetic bookmarks or so, but I do´t really like them. The best ones are mostly colourful pieces of yarn. These days while browsing Ravelry I found a pattern that I´ve queued at the very beginning when I´ve joined there, but I never started it.

I´m sure a lot of you already know it and tried it out. For me it was a first time. It was much easier than I expected and took about one evening. Ant I think it turned out quite nice. I´ve used sport weight cotton from stash which turned out a bit too heavy for a bookmark. Next time I´ll use some thinner tread or lace yarn maybe.

Pattern: Fan bookmark by crochetroo  (the pattern is free)

I´ve used a 3mm hook and sportweight yarn but I recommend using something thinner!

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  1. I love your bookmark! I wish my crochet skills were good enough to make one.


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