Thursday, May 26, 2011

Putting the sewing machine up again

After some time without sewing here, I´ve put the machine up again. My sister would like me to sew a bag for her and so I get back to sewing again. I haven´t started with the bag at all. But I´ve looked through my fabrics and found a nice one for her future bag.

And I found the fabric I´ve bought for a skirt for me. I wanted to try out makíng easy skirts but never really started. You know situations like this? You buy something with a special project in mind but never really happen to start? It happens for me quite often. I have more projects in mind than time and get distracted by new and terrible exiting ideas ;)

So back to the topic. I found the fabric, searched the easy skirt pattern from the Meet Me at Mikes book and about a half hour later I had a skirt! Really supereasy even for an absolut beginner.

Simple and easy to wear. I think next time I´ll use a fabric tht has a nicer drape and is a bit smoother. This is simple thin cotton fabric from IKEA.

And because Pip suggests to listen to some favourite music while sewing......this is what is in my head today....

I used to hear rosenstolz a lot some years ago and nearly forgot about my CDs, but when they came back in my mind and I started to listen again....I still love them!

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  1. Wonderful skirt! The fabric, with orange and pink flowers on white, is such a great summer print.


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