Friday, December 30, 2011

Some knitting/crochet resolutions for the New Year 2012

Yesterday I was sorting my yarn and got a bit overwhelmed with the amount of wool that is living here. Although I was knitting a lot from stash this last year i still have quite a large stash. I know there are people out there with much more yarn but I think I have reached my limit now. I didn´t buy any yarn since October this year and I will not buy any yarn - sale or not sale - until my stashed yarn is reduced to about half its current size.
I have all my stashed yarn in my Ravelry notebook and so I have a really realistic overview of what I still have and how much I´ve used up.

I also had to overthink my joice of projects a bit. I´ve knitted quite a some shawls in the past. The lacy and triangle kind of. I think these are pretty BUT I nearly never every wear any of them. The only triangle shawls I really wear are the Boneyard (rowan felted tweed), the Azzu shawl (noro silk garden)  and for special events the Ishbel (Drops baby alpaca silk). Otherwise I only wear the Bactus scarfs and large cowls. So why keep knitting lace shawls if noone will wear them?

The knitted and crochet things that get really a lot of use in our house are crochet blankets, knitted socks, hats, mittens, scarfs (not shawls), cowls and some cardigan and sweaters. But mostly the "pure" ones. The ones with garter and stockinette stitch and not much more.

And last but not least the colours! I love buying colourful and bright yarn but prefer wearing grey, black, white and silent and dusty variations of colour. The bright and cheery ones I one like on the skein! So for the future - I will stop buying to "loud" yarn!

I really want to keep these resolutions in mind:

- work from stash until the whole stash fits in the yarn storage again (black and green)
- knit/crochet only garments and assessories which someone will really like to use
- knit only a lace scarf if you really want to use it together with a special dress NOT just because....
- if buying yarn again - Think first if you will really want to wear this colour or if it is just pretty. If only pretty
   on the skein leave it in the store. We are not decorating the house with yarn!
- if possible, buy only yarn  you really love.
- prefer Organic yarn



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