Monday, December 19, 2011

Only 5 days left

Only five days until Christmas. I can´t show you what I´ve knitted or crochet lately because one never knows who visits this blog :) So pics after Christmas.

David is on ski camp with his school for one 4 days and will come back 2 days before Christmas. It´s the first time he is away from home without any family around him and it´s not easy to stay away from home the first time and this before Christmas.

Preperations are going on, gifts are nearly all wrapped, dinner is planned but 100s of things are still to be done.

Here we are decorating the tree on 23rd in the evening or on 24th in the morning. The Christkind comes on 24th in the evening.

For now I wish you a nice and not to stressy week.

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