Friday, January 21, 2011

Project progress instead of FO Friday

Today I´d like to show you some progress on my long time crochet projects. They are both different and in the same time have a lot in common. Obviously both are blankets. Both are crochet and both use a very simple pattern. Here the things end that they have in common.

This one is made of little colourful discs and then joined in the end and I use only dk yarn from my stash. I have no colour plan or anything. Just crocheting discs and then joining them from time to time. Now I have a blanket that is 7 x 8 discs large which is about 1 x 1.10 m (unblocked).

This one is my beloved Noro blanket! It is a large granny square out of Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn in green shades. In the beginning I´ve added a half skein of Fabel Delight what I regret now, but...I´ll live with it. For this blanket I buy new yarn when I need one. Now it is about 1 x 1 m with 3 skeins Noro Sock yarn and the bit of Fabel yarn. Today the ordered 2 skeins came so I can carry on.

I love both althought they are very different....


  1. which colour number do you use, for the nice noro blanket?? :)

  2. I´m using S164 and S236 and I´m thinking of adding a 3rd greenish number I´ve seen on ebay.

  3. Love them both! And it looks like the first one may grow quite a bit in the blocking... !

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  5. great blog...i love it...greetings from kiel...colette

  6. They are just lovely, many thanks for stopping by my blog, cheers from New Zealand, Marie


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