Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pillow talk

 Yesterday the weather was cold, grey and snowy and so I´ve started to sew some easy pillows to cuddle up.

These are for our large 65x65cm pillows on the parents bed, used while watching tv or reading a book in bed.

I call them "natural collection" because these are the patches I sewed on the fronts.

They are already in heavy use as you can see :)
 These two I call the "For you" pillows (label again) and they are for David for his birthday. Glad he never visits this blog :)

They are for his 50x50cm pillows on his bed.

 And last but not least sewed from old childroom curtains and an old yellow tablecloth a cover for Felix pillow he uses to sit or to rest on when playing in his room.

As you can see on the pictures the pillows are all very simple made. I don´t like my pillows to tense and hard so I add 5 cm to the measure of the pillow.
So for a 50 cm pillow I cut a piece that is 55 cm. For the "closure" at the back I add about 20 cm. The larger ones have a 22 cm closure (+ 2 cm for the seam).

All fabrics are from IKEA.

Here still have some leftovers. Maybe next time I have the urge to sew, I´ll make some bags....


  1. wonderful work!! i saw with 'hofer' today a sewing machine!!! but........
    i like the one for felix!

  2. Hello,just found you via Crochet a rainbow,lovely blog :-)

  3. Nice, cheery new pillows! Such an easy way to brighten a room. Love it!


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