Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Pouches

Today I felt the sudden urge to sew something and to learn how to sew in a zipper. I´ve always wanted to try to sew in a zipper and I like that little pouches. I need them for so many things. Mostly to keep my handbag organized and to carry around notions for crafting or little cosmetics and stuff like that which gets easily lost in larger bags.

Last year I´ve bought a book which teaches how to sew bags and today I finally found the courage to try it out. The book is called "Sew what! BAGS" by Lexie Barnes. The pattern I used for these pouches is called "Zipped Wristlet". I don´t wanted a wristlet so just left that strap off.

"This pouch is great practise for adventurous beginnes because the results are so rewarding. Plus, you can get over your fear of zippers!"...says the book and the author is totally right. Thank you!

I found two zippers (one I ripped out from an old yeans of Felix) and some little leftover fabric. It took a bit until I finally understood how to place the fabric to get those nice seams and clean lining but finally I´ve managed it. And beleave me, I´m so proud today: My first pouches and my first zippers!

The larger one (my cell phone for size reference) is from leftover IKEA fabric and the lining is from an old bedcover. I´ve sewn in a "handmade" trip I´ve once bought.

The little one is from leftover fabric from the crochet-bag-lining and lined with some old pj fabric. This one is a small coin purse.    

It was great fun sewing these puches and I love them. I don´t have any zippers but as soon as I get ones again I´ll make more. Oh, I have so many new ideas in my mind!

I think I have lost a lot of my sewing fear and already have some ideas what I could sew next.
A nice Sunday to you my friends :)



  1. Congratulations! Learning a new skill is always so rewarding! What cute fabric, too. I especially love the Russian motifs!

  2. Gratulation auch von meiner Seite! Sehr hübsch sind die Taschen geworden.

  3. very sweet, your always impressing me with all your skills, especially happy i'm with your new love for "japan"
    wonder when you start "hana ami flower loom" which would fit perfectly with your new pouches!!


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