Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fat and tweedy

On Ravelry i stumbeled over this bag and I really liked it. I don´t understand  Portuguese but while browsing some projects from fellow Ravelers I found this link. Thank you!

So I searched the yarn I want to use up and which is totally not "next-to-skin" yarn for me and started to crochet.

This bulky tweed wool yarn is very forgiving in little mistakes. Very nice I think.

Last year I´ve bought this fabric online because I wanted to start sewing (I didn´t really start) and because I liked it. The russian inspired motives together with the warm Tweed yarn make a nice match for a winter bag, don´t you think so?

The lining of the bag was the hardest part for me (still no relevant sewing skills here) but I even managed to make a little bag! I´m really proud of myself. Seaming and a bag on the bag....that´s a lot of sewing.

I´ve changed the straps a bit, because I prefer this lengh. I´m think about adding some crochet flowers or pom-poms in mustard yellow..... to be continued.


  1. Very nice!! That bag has been in my queue for quite some time, and I thought maybe I could work it out from the chart and a liberal use of Google Translate, but the link you found is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it! I think this bag will be heading up towards the top of my queue much faster now!

  2. That is a really, really lovely bag.


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