Friday, November 25, 2011

My motto for the next time

will be :

Work with what you have

I know it sounds simple but it is not always so simple. Every day I receive new emails with yarn sales, book sales, "only today 20% off", fabric sale,.... and for me SALE is just a magic word. And ebay isn´t any better for me. But when I look around here, I already have lots of yarn, fabric, pattern,....I know there are always newer and shinier onces out there, but my plan for now is to work with what I have. Only buying crafting stuff for a special project or if needed to finish a project. Buying just because something is on sale ro in case I could use it one day is not planned.

Last weekends sewing projects and the stitching already were all "from stash". And I really plan to work on like this. To reduce the stashed things in my house and to reuse things I already have around.
I know, nothing new, but nevertheless a challenge for me.

Over the last weeks a lot of this crochet jar covers popped up on blogs. I wanted to try it out too and I think it looks cute.
pattern - my own - I love the little hearts :)
thats just a little trying and error crochet with mystery cotton yarn found in my stash
an empty (and clean) jam jar and a tea candle

here I´ve tried this pattern
I´ve made it for an other jar, but it became too loose and the yarn was finished
so now I´m using it to cover a bit of the clutter inside this glas

So two finished projects in no time. Cost 0 Euro as everything was at home already or reused and I´m happy.

What do you think about the "Work with what you have" plan and what type of person are you? The collecting and stashing type of or more the organised "only buy what you need" type of?


  1. I thought I was the 'Buy What I Need' type, but looking through my stash is a neat illustration of how many times I've fallen off the wagon! Although I have dedicated a lot of the last 6 months to knitting it down, which feels good :)

    Since I started sewing though, the fabric stash is steadily growing :/

    I love your jar covers!

  2. I'm a dreamer as well as a collector, so I admit I have lots of stuff in my hobby storage. Recently I have been enjoying the thrill of re-discovering your own treasure instead of looking for sale supplies. And while doing it, I also bring back many previous planned projects which for different reasons I have put them aside. "Work with what you have" is a great motto, Evelyn! Thank you for sharing with us your way of finding happiness in being content with what you have.

    Have a great weekend, dear friend.


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