Monday, October 3, 2011

Noro hats

The hat madness goes on. Last week a friend gifted me some nice Noro Kureyon she had receycled from an old cardigan.

perfectly washed and wound ....thank you

For David and me I´ve knitted some simple beanies after the Turn a square pattern from jared Flood. The pattern is free, easy and makes nice fitted hats. As I´m a loose knitter I´ve cast on less stitches than the pattern said. For my hat I CO 88 sts and for Davids 80 sts. For both I´ve used 4.5mm DPN throughout.

For Felix I found the QUYNN hat by Wooly Wormhead on ravelry. The pattern is perfect for Noro Kureyon and Wooly Wormhead designs really nice hats.
For Felix I´ve knitted the largest size and it fits perfect. I think he looks like wearing a medieval helmet or such :)

I´ve still some Noro in this colourway leftover. Maybe mittens or a scarf? I´m unsure, but I love that yarn!


  1. Noro hat einfach traumhafte Farben!

  2. Super, i'm happy everybody has a New hat!!!!


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