Sunday, October 16, 2011

Farmers market

Saturday we´ve spend on our regions largest farmers market. And it was really large and a great possibility to buy all kind of different food from the local farmers.

     Sujet - Oberländer Apfel - zwei Äpfel auf einem Zweig - Logo/GENUSS REGION ÖSTERREICH

We´ve bought a lot of potatos, tomatos, apples, apple juice, cheese, eggs, different sausages, speck and lots of vegtables. Usually I visit the farmers market in our village once a week but this one is an event and only happening 2 days each autumn.


The weather was wonderful too. A really golden autumn day full of sunshine. I hope you are also having a nice weekend.

The austria artist Hubert von Goisern has a new CD out. Until now I only know this song. It is very critical and I think it a good match with this post. And I really like his kind of music very much!

His song is about waste. Waste of money, food, energy ....and that it can´t go on like that. (just my personal summery of the song)

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