Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A new milestone for me

and my sewing adventure. I´ve made the first wearable garment! As I wrote before, I´ve discovered Pip Lincolnes books. After becoming a fan of her blog, I´m now loving her books too. The books are cute and  she has a way to chat about how to make the stuff that doesn´t make me nervous. As an absolut beginner (and NOT native english speaker) I understand her sewing pattern and what to do next. And as an Australien she uses metric measurements. So absolut perfect as I don´t have to convert the measurements first.

So tatataaaa....."Cute kids pants" from the book Sew la tea do (I love that title :)

They fit perfect and have pockets! The little one is not in the mood for modeling but I´ve managed to make at least these modeled shots.

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