Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Again a surprise

Last week my dearest daughter surprised me with a sepecial visitor. In secret she invited my friend Nicola to come and visit us. This doesn´t sound so spectacular at first. BUT I "met" Nicola only online on ravelry before. We´ve talked over telephone and written on Ravelry but never met her in person as she lives near Vienna and I´m in the opposite part of Austria. So I think now you can imagine how big my surprise was when she stood on our terrace on Thursday morning.

We had a wonderful chatty, sunny and funny day and I´m grateful for this nice friend and my great daughter!


  1. What a beautiful surprise! Your daughter had a great idea!

  2. and i love this family, and it made me so happy to see my friend, because she is not only a knitting friend, i can share all my good and bad things with her, and i'm learning a lot, because she always gives me good advices.
    thanks for the wonderful friendship


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