Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coraline and Katinka these are not new friends of mine. But hopefully soon enough will become beloved ones ;)

I am eyeing the Coraline cardigan for quite a long time and bought the pattern in summer, read it through, thought about different yarn choices, swatched, forgot about it, read it through again.....

I think it is finally time to start. I need a cardigan for the house, so no bulky one and I don´t want to knit one with worsted weight yarn because I still have some plus weight and think that a thinner yarn will add less bulk to my bodyshape.
While winding some yarn I recently bought on ebay I found the perfect yarn for my future Coraline. Some dusty lila fingering weight yarn from Colourmart. It is Colourmart yak/mohair/silk/merino 30/10/10/50 yarn, a little marled and a little to itchy for me to use as a scarf/shawl yarn (but still soft and fluffy after washing).

I have 2 cones, so about 1300m of yarn and my gauge is 22sts/10cm, so I will knit the last M to get the 2nd L size. As soon as possible and as Felix lets me I´m going to start. Wish me luck!

Katinka are new armwarmers/mitts designed by Kirsten Kapur. It was love at first time too as I´ve seen this mitts at her ravelry project page. Now the pattern is out and I´ve immediatly bought it. I plan to knit these as an instant gratification and fun inbetween the long stockinette parts of Coraline.

Maybe you wonder, why I am not stressed with christmas knitting? I just need an other 2 pair of gloves and some hats do be done and the other people who will get gifts at Christmas don´t want knitted stuff. Good for me so I can knit things I like to knit.

I wish you all a nice Advent (pre-christmas time).


  1. Coraline und Katinka - beides sehr hübsche Vorhaben! Ich freue mich schon sehr, sie dann an dir zu sehen.

  2. Danke, das ist ein Ansporn auch dranzubleiben ;)


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