Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some nearly finished projects... show. It is not that I don´t knit these days. its that I knit many things at the same time as usual. And now, some of them are finished, some are blocking, some are "WIP" and some are still only in my head ;)

Weaver´s Wool Mini Shawl knitted with Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn. I like the yarn and I like the pattern but somehow I don´t like the both together. I don´t love the colour changes in this pattern with this yarn. I´m seriously considering of frogging it. Kauni shawl

This hat is for Philipps friend Mark who asked if I could knit him a ribbed hat just like Philipps one day. And a one-day-work it was. With malabrigo Merino worsted on 4mm needles and than after about 3cm I changed to 4.5mm needles and continued in 2k/2p ribbing. Modeled by Philipp, but Mark loves it and already wears it.

I loved the Pasha pattern the first time I´ve seen it and I had to have that hat. The knitting was fast and quite interesting. I´ve knitted the 20in size and used 3.25mm needles for the ribbing and than changed to 4.5mm needles to make it more lacy. Knitted with the baby Alpaca Yarn i´ve bought in Danmark this summer it is wonderful soft and at the moment petrol is one of my absolut favourite colours. At the moment it is blocking over a plate because I like it a bit more "slouchie". My petrol hat.

And this is the Mystery sock after the 2nd clue :)
I still like the pattern and think it looks good and I love the brilliant colour of the Wollmeise.

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