Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy surprises from generous ravelry friends

About two weeks ago my wonderful friend Ulrika send me this precious little parcel from Sweden. I love every little thing in it and it was such a surprise and really brightened up my day, which was he intention because she knew I was not so happy at that time. Thank you again my friend!

Yesterday the postman rang and I wasn´t expecting anything and was really surprised when I got a large parcel from Vienna! My friend Nicola with whom I was chatting about yarns and that I like Alpaca and ..... was sending me a parcel! She got my address over the internet I think and wanted to make me a surprise gift. This is wonderful soft alpaca yarn and Cascade 220 which I wanted to try out for long. Thank you Nicola, this was so sweet of you!

And finally today! When getting the post I found a wrapped parcel from Norway from Ann. Beautiful yarn and a magazin as a thank you for a little favour I´ve done. You are so generous Ann, thank you. I love that colourway and already have something in mind!

I´m happy and grateful. For ravelry and for the great people I met there.

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