Friday, December 21, 2007

Kleine Shoppingtour


  1. Ich bin schon ganz gespannt, was du aus der grünen Rowan machen wirst. Ich bin immer noch am überlegen.

  2. Hi Evelyn....ich denke das die kurzeren armel ist Hubsch auh.

    My Austrian writting is so bad but I was sooo excited to find so many Austrian knitters on Ravelry.
    My mum is Austrian from Spital she taught me to knit and I've just spent 3 weeks with her during christmas and new years and we had a few days of knitting together it was great.
    I live in Tasmania and have a knitting group, we meet once a month at a very lovely cafe by the docklands they have the best coffee and cake in town.
    I look forward to visiting your blog often and have linked it from mine.


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